LightSaver Blitzer Strobe Tailcap fits SureFire E1E, E2E, E2D Torches


  • Fits Surefire E1E, E2E, E2D lights 
  • The Strobe is extremely disorienting to those on the receiving end, yet allows the operator to maintain excellent situational awareness
  • 3 functions: Click on, click off, continuous press for strobe
  • Compatible with 6V, 9V or 12V lights that take this tailcap design
  • Strobes approximately 7 times per second
  • Impact resistant aluminium alloy casing
  • Made in South Africa (non OEM item)
  • Torch NOT included



Convert your regular tactical flashlight to an advanced take-down strobing light with this revolutionary Tail Cap Upgrade from LightSaver that costs less than a factory replacement tail cap switch! An essential non-lethal tool for Military and Law Enforcement use in volatile situations. The highly advanced Blitzer strobe function produces a disorienting and temporarily confusing brain response in suspects or would be assailants in dark or dim light environments. Misfire-resistant Intelligent Tailcap IQ Switch™ activates functions: Quick press and release – ON and OFF
• Continuous button pressure – STROBING function (whether the flashlight is on or off  release pressure and the strobing stops and the flashlight will switch off). Fits Surefire® E2 Defender and more. How the BLITZER Function Works: The Blitzer Tail Cap Upgrade strobing light delivers a highly irritant and disorientating effect when aimed at a perpetrator. The highly advanced strobing function has been researched and developed on the scientific data that the human eye uses photo receptor cells for vision. Cones cells are used for day vision and rod cells for night vision, a chemical called visual purple (Rhodopsin) enables night vision, commonly known as night eyes. Statistically, most crime occurs during night light or when lower levels of light require approximately 45 minute adjustment from day to night eyes. The Blitzer’s strobing technique debilitates night eyes at the first flash which triggers a powerful blinding effect which progressively worsens as the Blitzer continues flashing approximately 7 times per second. In addition, this strobing effect of the Blitzer causes the brain to register a stress signal. As stress is being registered the signals transferred to the brain occur subconsciously and there is no conscious control, the attacker is automatically disorientated creating a time-lapse for the victim to counter attack or to escape a life threatening situation. Misfire-resistant Tail Cap Intelligent IQ switch Activates Functions:
• Quick press and release  Conventional ON and OFF function.
• Continuous pressure  Blitzer STROBING function (whether the flashlight is on or off.
• Release pressure strobing stops, flashlight switches OFF. Blitzer Tail Cap Upgrade Specs:
• Incandescent bulb flashlights Only
• Does not alter the water resistance or waterproof characteristics of the original light
• Replaces Tail Cap switches on various manufacturers lights
• Microcircuit intelligent switch is intrinsically safe in hazardous atmospheres
• Waterproof construction
• Functions with 6 to 12 Volt lights ) 2, 3 and 4 cells
• Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
• Anodized Finish
• Not designed for continuous operation
• Made in South Africa for LE and Military forces.
• Colour: Black

Revive your light today – it may save your life sometime


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