LightSaver Miser Tailcap fits SureFire E1E, E2E, E2D Torches


  • Miser 5 Function tailcap upgrade
  • Fits Surefire E1E, E2E, E2D
  • Super strong aluminium alloy
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Compatible with 3v, 6v lights
  • Impact resistant
  • Made in South Africa (non OEM item)
  • Torch NOT included



Why use Full Power to read maps, navigate or do night tasks when only 25% does what you need and more? Extend the operational battery life of expensive Lithium batteries by using the energy you need for various tasks. Convert your regular tactical lights to new technology at a fraction of the cost of replacing your light. The exclusive LightSaver patented IQ Switch® microchip technology enables three levels of brightness–100%, 50% and 25% –and 2 flash speeds, all with a single switch. Turn your simple torch flashlight into a more effective, versatile tool that can extend battery life up to 8 times! At 25%, your light burn time exceeds 4 hours!

Fits Surefire® E2D Defender and more. Miser™ Tail Cap Intelligent IQ Switch® Upgrade Functions: Tested with Surefire® Lithium Batteries
• Quick Press – 100%
• 2nd Press – 50%
• 3rd Press – 25%
• 4th Press Emergency Fast Flash
• 5th Press Emergency Slow Alpine Flash
• 6th Press -OFF
• Automatic shut-off after 15 minutes The Miser™ was tested with Surefire® Lithium batteries in a laboratory environment for effective burn time. The values shown show burn times with a discharge to 50% off charged battery voltage.
• P60 6V FP  Full Power discharge 100%
• P60 6V MP  Medium Power discharge 50%
• P60 6V LP  Low Power discharge 25%Test Value Time for Useful Light to 50% of battery voltage:
• 100% – 1H 12 Minutes
• 50% – 2H 24 Minutes
• 25%- 4H 10 Minutes
• Slow Function Only — Can achieve a 8X factor of battery life in emergency conditions. Miser™ Multi-Function Tail Cap Upgrade Specs:
• Incandescent bulb flashlights Only
• Does not alter the water resistance or waterproof characteristics of the original light
• Replaces Tail Cap switches on various manufacturers lights
• Microcircuit intelligent switch is in intrinsically safe in hazardous atmospheres
• Waterproof construction
• Functions with 3 to 6 Volt lights
• Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
• Anodized Finish
• Designed for typical intermittent operation, Auto Off in 15 Minutes.
• Made in South Africa for LE and Military forces.
• Colour: Black

Revive your light today – it may save your life sometime


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