M32 Electronic Headset – Black – Earmor


The M32 provides audible protection in noisy areas with impulsive noise, such as firearms use zones. The microphones mounted in the earmuffs improve the situational awareness of the user, while allowing him to hear sounds from close surroundings and to protect his hearing. Harmful sounds are limited to a safe level of 82 dB, and the lower are amplified.

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 – Suppresses harmful noise above 82 db
– Built-in NATO Military Standard 7.0 Plug for PTT
– Detachable microphone for both left or right handed assembly
– Amplifies low-level sounds
– Comfortable ear cushions for tight seal
– Low-profile cups for shooting
– Independent 4x high end beats audio speakers for separate input audio device and ambient sounds
– Adjustable, padded headband for comfort
– Foldable for storage and protection
– 4-hour Auto Shut-off


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