Sabre Red Practice / Inert OC Spray


Dramatically reduce the effects of chemical agents on you or your officers.

Safe for practice – no pepper irritant included, Finger Grip for enhanced control

Ideal training aid on your pepper spray course. This product can be used for skills maintenance, at home or at your training facility. It also doubles up as a handy decontamination aid.

Put safety first…..practice pepper spray deployment without the risk of live contamination…we promise your training partner will thank you..


  • MAXIMIZES FAMILIARITY & CONFIDENCE: Features the exact same deployment style and firing mechanism as its pepper spray counterpart to help you gain muscle memory and confidence; better prepares you to protect yourself and your family during a high-stress encounter
  • #1 PEPPER SPRAY BRAND TRUSTED BY POLICE AND CONSUMERS WORLDWIDE: Including New York, Chicago PD, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s & U.S. Marshals; made in the U.S.A. and ISO 9001:2008 certified with a 4-year shelf life from the date of manufacture



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