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Cobra 1.5 Inch Duty Belt (sizes 46" - 60") - Daniel's Holsters

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 An everyday carry (EDC) or DUTY Belt is an essential part of your carry-system for optimal comfort and reliability. Daniels Holsters manufactures this 1.5″ Cobra DUTY Belt, which is made from ultra stiff resin enforced webbing with a Cobra Quick Release buckle. The excellent stiffness and rigidity will not allow the weight of holsters and mag pouches to “roll” the belt.IDEAL FOR: EDC; LAW ENFORCEMENT & SECURITY; SPORT SHOOTING; GRAB & GO RESPONSE DUTIESNow available in Black or Tan or Multicam.  Please mention at checkout under Order Notes.  May carry a lead time of a week to be fabricated.

1.5″ Genuine AustriAlpin Cobra Quick Release Buckle
1.5″ Resin Reinforced Stiff Webbing
Buckle Tensile Strength approx. 900kg
Belt Tensile Strength approx. 4,500 lbs
Belt will fit through most standard belt loops – 38mm / 1.5″ width
Satisfaction guaranteed
5-Stitches for extra stiffness
Imported materials
Sizes 28″ – 44″ is R930
Sizes 46″ – 60″ is R1030
To size the belt correctly, physically measure yourself with a tape measure.
Measurements should be taken where you normally wear your belt against your skin (without any gear or trousers on).
Use the measurement you’ve taken and get as close to the smallest size shown in the table below.
Example 1: physical measurement is 90.5cm – the belt size to order will be a size 36″
Example 2: physical measurement is 113cm – the belt size to order will be a size 44″
Example 3: physical measurement is 76cm – the belt size to order will be a size 30″
The belt will automatically compensate for when you gain a bit of weight, lose a bit of weight, carry inside or outside the waistband gear.
Please stick to this chart as to prevent incorrect sizing.
Size          Belt Size Including Buckle
28″           28″ 71cm
30″           30″ 76cm
32″           32″ 81cm
34″           34″ 86cm
36″           36″ 91cm
38″           38″ 96cm
40″           40″ 101cm
42″           42″ 106cm
44″           44″ 111cm
46″           46″ 116cm
48″           48″ 121cm
50″           50″ 127cm
52″           52″ 132cm
54″           54″ 137cm
56″           56″ 142cm
58″           58″ 147cm
60″           60″ 152cm

(some items may require lead time of 7-14 days)

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Cobra 1.5 Inch Duty Belt (sizes 46" - 60") - Daniel's Holsters

R 1,000.00