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Full Size MCH HC Light (FDE) - Cloud Defensive

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High Candela (HC) Light Head (FDE Colour) Mission Configurable Handheld Duty Grade Quality UI2 Charger 1 Battery 3 ND Protectors Thyrm LPC 18650 Battery Single Output (simple on/momentary/off)  71,000 Candela/1100 Lumens/150 minutes High Candela for distance / penetration


The goal was simple. Create the highest-quality and most modular handheld light ever produced. Since we carry these tools daily just as you do, that means we knew exactly what needed to be done: In order to appeal to the greatest number of people, the system needed to be adjustable at both the light head and the tail cap.
And with that knowledge, The Mission Configurable Handheld was quickly born.
Sizes and Light Heads: Available in both full-size 18650 and Micro 18350 configurations, the MCH allows the users to choose from those two sizes in addition to several different light heads providing various lumen outputs, candela rating and light temperatures.
The 18650 option uses 1 Lithium Ion, Rechargeable, Flat-top, Unprotected 18650 which is included. It is also compatible with button-top and protected cells however, some protected cells may be too long. The MCH lights do NOT accept CR123 batteries at this time. Use of CR123 batteries or any other unapproved cell will void your lifetime warranty.
Tail Cap Configurations: Critically, MCH allows the user to carefully select from an industry-first (and Patented) Adjustable Negligent Discharge protection system. Each light ships with the full ND Protection package and the user can now configure the tail cap for their respective needs. Be it deep-pocket carry or being at home on your plate carrier, the MCH is duty-grade in every way. And fully configurable to what you need. If your need changes, you just adjust the ND Protection accordingly with parts you already have.
Our customers spoke, and we listened. The MCH comes in a smaller package than most of its direct competitors. And it’s fully modular to fit your needs.
MCH-HC is a specialty option for those who need a High-Candela tool.  MCH-HC dominates when you need to throw light a long distance. While giving the user useable spill, it is a substantially different beam pattern compared to the MCH-EDC. The MCH-HC is the choice if you need to defeat photonics barriers such as tough physical environments or things like windows tint, street lights or transient lighting conditions. Most will find it too intense for admin functionality in very enclosed spaces.
Specs for MCH-HC:
  • High Candela version - more throw at longer distances
  • 18650 Single Output option: 71,000 Candela/1100 Lumens/150 minutes
  • Uses a proprietary and customized Mil-Std coating on our Low-Iron AR glass that moves the light temperature from 6000K down to 5200k. This creates a penetrating white light that is warm enough to defeat photonics barriers and cool enough to be highly disruptive on target.
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Full Size MCH HC Light (FDE) - Cloud Defensive

R 4,500.00R 3,900.00