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INCOGX™ IWB HOLSTER With Light (no mag caddy) - SAFARILAND

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FEATURES 3 Sizes of Concealment Enhancing Clip strut shims Micro and full-size red-dot compatibility Microfiber suede-wrapped Boltaron body Over-the-belt polymer clips Passive trigger guard and ejection port retention Sight channel height is .406" Light bearing (see list) 

Introducing the IncogX, a newly redesigned RDS-compatible IWB holster. A collaboration between Haley Strategic Partners and Safariland, the 10th-anniversary edition of the Incog IWB holster provides enhanced concealed carry features for users.
An ergonomic, mission-adaptable, RDS compatible, multi-positional, deep concealment IWB hybrid thermofolded holster. Its distinctive features enable concealed carry for a wide range of handgun fits from various carry positions while allowing for a full firing grip prior to drawing. The design features passive retention and adjustable tension functionality, allowing a fine-tuned holstered firearm fit and draw feel.
This evolution of the IncogX features a series of clips that allow more adaptability to the end user while providing the original design intentions of enhanced grip acquisition, concealment, and functionality. The clips open outward and slide down with the holster, naturally locking in place over the belt. An actuated finger tab flexes to open, allowing quick installation or removal from the belt. An improved clip strut design combines functionality with customized concealment shims that can be easily installed or removed without any tools.
All IncogX models include clip strut shims in three different concealment enhancement sizes, 1/8”, 1/4", and 3/8”.
The INCOG X can accommodate installed accessories including: threaded barrels, compensators, or suppressors as long as the installed accessories width DOES NOT exceed the width of the slide AND the installed accessories height DOES NOT extend above the slide.
The Incog X is compatible with any Red Dot Sight (RDS) capable of being installed on the firearm manufacturer's slide behind the ejection port (including mounting options using the firearm manufacturer's adapter plates). We tested dozens of popular RDS models including Holosun 507K, Holosun 407K, Shield RMSc, Crimson Trace RAD Micro Pro, Swampfox Sentinel, Hex Wasp, and Sig Romeo Zero. The INCOG X is compatible with most backup iron sights, co-witnessing RDS, and suppressor height sights up to 13/32” (0.41”).
Weapon Fit Note: The Glock 43/48 (weapon light) Fit is compatible with the following handgun models: Glock 43X, Glock 48, Shadow Systems CR920 (G43X).
Weapon Light Note: The Glock 43/48 (weapon light) Fit is compatible with the following weapon lights: StreamLight TLR-7 SUB (GL), Surefire XSC (A), and NightStick TCM-5B (S2). Light-compatible models WILL NOT WORK without the weapon light installed as there is not sufficient retention for safe use.

Item Comes With

  • (1) Incog X Glock 43/48 Right-handed Holster (weapon light compatible)
  • (3) Clip Strut Shims (1/8”, 1/4", 3/8”)


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INCOGX™ IWB HOLSTER With Light (no mag caddy) - SAFARILAND

R 1,900.00